The Lost Desert Libraries of Chinguetti
Mauritania , West Africa
UNESCO World Heritage Site

The sands of the Sahara have all but swallowed the town Chinguetti , a small almost ghost town found at the end of a desert road in Mauritania , West Africa. Chinguetti is probably the last place you would look to find a treasure of ancient... #Ancientartifactsandstructures, #ScienceandHistory

Ancient Roman medical instruments
Ancient Roman medical instruments made of stone, silver and bronze, 2nd-3rd century AD, excavated at ancient Singidunum, present-day Belgrade, capital of Serbia.
Dimensions – 6 – 15.2 cm.
Collection of Belgrade City Museum.

The finds from Singidunum include a variety of medical instruments,... #Ancientartifactsandstructures, #ScienceandHistory

A sunken island on the Danube River, once a strategically important location with a thriving communi
This river island is long gone now, swallowed and washed away by the waters of the river more than 40 years ago, but its memory… #ScienceandHistory

Haniwa: funerary objects built for the Japanese elite during the 4th to 7th centuries
The Haniwa (“clay cylinder” or “circle of clay” in Japanese) are terracotta cylinders and hollow sculptures that were made for ritual use and buried with… #Ancientartifactsandstructures, #ScienceandHistory

Rothschilds House: The government used it to store part of the national art collections during WWII
Mentmore Towers is one of the finest English country houses of the Victorian Era. It was built in the mid 19th century for the banker and fine… #ScienceandHistory

Hogbacks: stone carved Viking monuments generally accepted as grave markers
Hogbacks are stone-carved Anglo-Scandinavian sculptures from 10th to 12th century England and Scotland, generally accepted as grave markers, or stylized ‘houses’ for the dead. The… #Ancientartifactsandstructures, #ScienceandHistory

Haunted places in the United States
In recent years the proliferation of television shows and Hollywood movies with the theme of the supernatural has resulted in an increase in interest in… #Strangephenomena

Keeping up with the Vikings: The hierarchy of social order in Norse Culture
The Vikings’ society saw their social order split into the caste system. This meant rank was dependent on which class their citizens fell into. This… #ScienceandHistory

Fossilised tree and ice cores help date huge volcanic eruption 1,000 years ago to within 3 months
An international team of researchers has managed to pinpoint, to within three months, a medieval volcanic eruption in east Asia the precise date of which has puzzled historians for decades. They have also shown that the so-called “Millennium eruption” of Changbaishan volcano, one of the largest in history, cannot have brought about the downfall of an important 10th century kingdom, as was previously thought. Changbaishan volcanic…
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Researcher examines plants encased in tar pits to reconstruct Ice Age ecosystem
For tens of thousands of years, the warm, sticky natural asphalt that occasionally bubbled to the Earth’s surface in the area now called Los Angeles was a death sentence for some ice age animals. Tar pit fossils [Credit: University of Maine]Woolly mammoths, camels, rabbits, horses, bison, sloths, rodents, snails, turtles, birds and saber-toothed cats perished after becoming mired in the liquid asphalt—sometimes referred to as tar…
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